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Acquire the technique to move your hips in a hypnotic and sensual way.

 Traditional Hip Technique vs Sensual 

Use the correct hip movement in each Bachata style.


Master the practical exercises to move the body in a magnetic, precise and confident way.

Male Waves Technique 

Introduce waves to your body movement without looking too feminine.


Connect clean and sensual waves to create dances that are impossible to ignore.

Body Isolation Technique

Use asymmetrical isolations to give amplitude to your partner dance.

Some may not know what we are talking about.

For those who dance during the week and lose sleep.

For those who close the social

For those who go to all the congresses.

For those for whom everything is dance on Instagram.

For those who get excited about a new step.

For those who teach dancing at socials.

For those who hug instead of greeting.

For those who stop dancing for love.

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6 hours of gold on video
9 Classes
Lifetime Access
Bonus: Traditional Hip Technique vs Sensual 
6 hours of gold on video
9 Classes
Lifetime Access
Bonus: Male Waves Technique
10 hours of gold on video
16 Classes
Lifetime Access
Bonus: Body Isolation Technique
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